Revealed - The annual cost of charging the iPhone 5

Got a new phone? Maybe the iPhone 5? Now that smartphones are locked in a trend of trying to outgrow each other, have they become more power hungry than ever? New research suggests that they have, but it might not be cause for too much concern…

Researchers at OPower have been trying to figure out what it really costs us to keep our beloved handsets full of juice throughout the year. The damage, as it turns out, isn’t anything to lose sleep over.

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According to the report, the iPhone 5 will cost owners just 41 cents (25p) to charge for an entire year. The larger Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t an awful lot worse – it’ll add just 53 cents (32p) to your annual energy bills.

Good to know, really, given that we need to charge our devices on a nightly basis these days. For comparison, OPower’s worked out that your average laptop requires $8.31 (£5.12) per year, while a big flatscreen TV sucks more than $40 (£25) per year.

Ouch. Still, at least the phones are frugal. Now – is it time to put the heating on yet?

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