Motorola Motoluxe - Budget 4-inch Android phone launches, has enormous blue light

Motorola’s woken up with a spring in its step and news to tell: It’s decided to announce the new Motoluxe 4-inch Android handset to us in the UK. It’s not going to bowl you over in terms of specs, but its design and price just might.

The Motoluxe, to its credit, doesn’t look like it belongs in the budget sector. The thin, sharply-hewn device sports an admirable 4-inch display and an 8-Megapixel camera (and front-facing VGA cam).

The top-end tech stops there, though; the processor tops out at 800MHz and version of Android is 2.3, rather than Ice Cream Sandwich.

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But then the price does make up for the lack of specs. The Motorola Motoluxe will be available to buy  from Amazon for £250 as of March 22nd. That’s the same price as the ZTE Skate, but here you’re getting a phone that really looks like it belongs in the higher echelons of the market.

Oh yeah, it’s also got a bloody massive blue light stuck to the bottom. As you do.

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