PS3 video editor PlayMemories Studio out by March – for a price

Sony revealed its new video editor app for the PS3, PlayMemories Studio, at CES in Las Vegas this week, but at the company’s London showcase this morning, we got a few more details. We’ve got a launch date, but some bad news too: Sony will charge for the software. Will you stump up?

Considering the PS3′s multimedia prowess, horsepower and hard drive space, a video editing app seems like an obvious fit, and at a glance, PlayMemories Studio is just that. With a PS3 controller, you can zoom and crop video clips, add captions, slow-mo and visual/sound effects, and even rotate them 90 degrees if you’ve filmed them in portrait by accident. From our quick demo, it works swimmingly, but there’s a catch.

A Sony product demonstrator confirmed to us that PlayMemories Studio for PS3 would be out by the end of Q1 – March, to us lay folk – but would carry a price tag of around €10 in Europe (About £8.35).

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The move to charge for the software is a surprise: Sony does not currently charge an upfront cost, rather than a subscription fee, for any of its first party services on the PS3.

It also seems to contradict Sony’s new approach to getting on all devices, regardless of manufacturer. Last month, Sony Entertainment Network president Tim Schaaf told Electricpig that Sony was willing to compromise to provide its services across all screens.

“It’s probably not reasonable at this point in time to target a segment of customers who are all pure Sony from start to finish,” he said. The forthcoming iOS and Android PlayMemories apps, which will launch at around the same time, will by contrast be free.

Would you buy a PS3 video editor? Should Sony push PlayMemories Studio out as an added bonus? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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