Comedian Dave Gorman takes on LinkedIn spammers

If you’re tired of endless LinkedIn emails you’re not alone. Dave Gorman of Googlewhack fame has also had enough, and taken drastic steps to get himself off the social network’s mailing list.

In a blog post, Gorman’s sounded off about his experience with the website. “The first thing to say is that I don’t really know what Linked In does but as far as I can tell it’s meant to be a sort of facebook-for-work,” he says. “My only encounter with them is as an unwanted presence in my inbox. …It looks like spam. It reads like spam.”

Who’s seen your profile on LinkedIn?

Gorman’s linkedIn adventure started when he ranted on Twitter about the company’s endless email calls for you to join. He had an influx of agreement, so went on to try and make it stop: “Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could just ask Linked In – a nice big, respectable company – to stop emailing you no matter who clicks what? You’d think so wouldn’t you? But their emails never contained an unsubscribe link.”

He found out that what seemed like answer. “The only way of making them stop is to join the site,” he says. “It starts to feel like a protection racket after a while.”

Then he stumbled across the answer: LinkedIn has a ‘do not mail’ list, which is tricky – but not impossible – to get yourself on. You simply need to email them to ask for the privilege. It’s interesting to see someone with a following bring this up; we’ve all had emails from LinkedIn flooding our inboxes, and maybe, after what Gorman’s brought up, things may change slightly. According to his blog, they already have.

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Via Gormano.blogspot

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