Apple App Store to close its doors over Christmas, No new apps to go with your turkey

Apple’s App Store staff are downing tools over the Christmas break. While it only seems fair that the company is allowed some time off during the festive season, the upshot is that no new iPhone apps or iPad apps will be reviewed, approved or made available in the space between December 22nd and December 29th.

In a mail-out to developers registered with iTunes Connect, Apple’s stated that access to iTunes Connect will be switched off and delivery of any apps or updates to the App Store will be ignored until the Apple reviewing team return on December 30th.

Apple added: “We strongly recommend that you do not schedule pricing changes through the interval pricing system in iTunes Connect that would take effect from December 22 through December 29,” stating that any changes made won’t be reflected in the App Store and, alarmingly, that “the app will become unavailable for purchase.” This obviously also affects new apps; any apps with a planned launch date during the break should probably change plans sharpish.

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