ZTE Skate Android phone gets UK price and launch date

We’ve been following the ZTE Skate Android phone from its launch back in February, where the HTC-Desire-HD-on-a-budget turned heads with a potentially low price tag, the latest build of Google’s Android OS, 2.3, and a massive 4.3-inch screen. We’ve now obtained the UK price and estimated launch date – read on to find out when it hits.

According to British etailer Clove, the ZTE Skate will go on sale in the UK on September 19th, and it’s available now for pre-order, priced up at an enticing £250. That’s a solid £100 to £200 cheaper than similar sized rivals such as the HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S2, and it’s likely to be even cheaper on Orange, where it will be subsidised on Pay As You Go for a still to be confirmed price.

ZTE declined to confirm whether the price was accurate, but a spokesperson for Clove told Electricpig that this date is correct – stay tuned for a full review of the ZTE Skate as and when.

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