Nokia N950 - a N900 successor offered exclusively for developers

Despite what you’ve heard the Nokia N9 is not the only MeeGo smartphone in town. Nokia has quietly unveiled the N950, but with it one small caveat — it will be a developer-only device. Though it’s not destined for retail consumption, our inner N900 fanboy has us itching for a fix. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the Nokia N950, shall we?

At first glance the only difference between N9 and the N950 appears to be the addition of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Upon further inspection you’ll notice the N950 features a 4-inch TFT display while the N9 packs a more vibrant 3.9-inch AMOLED set.

In terms of build quality the N950 is forged from anodized aluminum whereas the N9 is encased in unibody polycarbonate. In sheer megapixels, both the N9 and N950 use 8-megapixel cameras, but the N9 adds Carl Zeiss optics. Unlike the N9, the N950 lacks NFC support and features a smaller 1320 mAh battery.

Although the N950 is exclusive for developers, Nokia is accepting dev kit requests until July 31st. The requirement is that you must be a qualifying Nokia Developer Launchpad member who has published apps to Ovi Store, or has started to develop apps using Qt.

via Nokia

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