O2 cans BlackBerry Playbook, user experience to blame

It’s official BlackBerry PlayBook UK launch day but if you’re on O2, you’re out of luck. The network has decided to ditch RIM’s first tablet and is emailing customers who expressed an interest in buying one to explain why it has had a change of heart.

While plenty of places (including Currys and PC World) will be stocking the tablet, it’s bad news for RIM that such a major network has lost faith in it. Read on to find out why O2 dropped the BlackBerry PlayBook…

The O2 email states that it “will not be selling the device” and explains “unfortunately there are some issues with the end-to-end customer experience”. Though O2 has canned the BlackBerry Playbook at the last minute, it goes on to suggest that it will work with RIM on future PlayBook devices. It doesn’t even rule out carrying the current model at some point.

It sounds like software not hardware soured the deal between RIM and O2 on the BlackBerry PlayBook as the network has been careful to hedge its bets. Perhaps the 10in BlackBerry PlayBook that’s currently in the works will fare better than the current 7in incarnation.

Are you on O2 and disappointed to see the BlackBerry PlayBook binned? Let us know below…

Out NA | £NA | O2 (via Engadget)

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