Apple MVNO patent - Will Apple be your official iPhone carrier

Apple’s stronghold on the iPhone ecosystem could be mounting, at least if the company’s latest patent filing comes to fruition. In a move which looks to establish the Cupertino-based company as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), it is not outside the realm of possibility your next iPhone could be powered by the Apple cellular network — worldwide virtual network comprised of at least three traditional carriers.

Just have a look for yourself at the image above for an idea of the propose Apple MVNO layout. At the helm will be Apple, the MVNO Server, which connects through three separate Interfaces to three separate Network Operators, better known as carriers. In order for the proposed system to work, Apple has also introduced its own Home Location Register — a central database where all networks’ customer SIM card details are stored.

With dozens of carriers to piggyback on, the Apple MVNO could establish itself as the official iPhone network of choice. As an iPhone customer the proposed MVNO could be a godsend. Imagine your iPhone could seamlessly hop between carriers depending on network capacity. The Apple MVNO is a sound concept; it improves QoS, reduces carrier load and promotes a global network. Unfortunately, as Unwired View points out, Apple filed the original patent way back in 2006 and just today filed an extension. With that being said, as an At&t iPhone user, the Apple MVNO couldn’t come soon enough.

via Unwired View

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