Vodafone emporia RL1

In a world riddled with dual-core wonder phones touting qHD displays and megapixels upon megapixels of imaging wits, sometimes you just need a dependable feature phone. As the self described ‘either day wonder’, the emporia RL1 from Vodafone has the battery life to get you through the day whether you’re a pay monthly or commitment-phobe using pay as you go.

Bells and whistles are not the Vodafone emporia RL1’s forte. Instead, the focus has been placed on what might best be described as our smartphone’s favorite past time — phone calls. Exclusively from Vodafone, the emporia RL1 has a clear bright display with adjustable text and large, clearly labeled buttons to avoid confusion.

You won’t find a 12-megapixel sensor on the back, in fact there isn’t a camera at all. Instead, the emporia RL1 sticks to the essentials: alarm clock, calculator, birthday reminder tool, vibrate, more than eight days of standby and a talk time of up to 180 minutes. With a price that could fit nearly any budget, the emporia RL1 looks to be a trusty feature phone.

Out Now | Vodafone | £60

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