Google mobile payments scheme incoming

Google looks set to out a mobile payments scheme this week with reporters headed for a big event in New York on Thursday. The Wall Street Journal says Google will out new phones packing NFC chips (which the Google Nexus S already includes) and launch its mobile payment programme in New York, San Francisco and a limited number of other US locations…


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Google is also, unsurprisingly, working with developers to bring NFC payment smarts to their apps. Apple is heavily rumoured to be planning NFC features for the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S.

Orange has already outed Orange Quick Tap, an NFC service for UK customers, and O2 has revealed plans for the O2 Mobile Wallet. How long it’ll take for any Google mobile payment system to reach the UK is a mystery but we wouldn’t expect to see it any time soon.

Out TBC | £TBC | Google (via Venture Beat)

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