Vertu Constellation Quest carbon fibre smartphone incoming

Nokia may be axing jobs left, right and centre, but its balling subsidiary Vertu is still blinging it up: we’ve just learned that it’s prepping a carbon fibre version of its Constellation Quest smartphone.

The new Vertu Constellation Quest carbon fibre model will still run the same Symbian operating system, but come in two editions: one polished stainless steel, the other 18 carat gold. We don’t have images yet, but we understand that the phone’s lip and battery cover are made from the lightweight material we also heard could feature in the new MacBook Pros, while the chassis will be lined with black leather.

As you’d expect from A Vertu phone, it’ll also come with a hotline to its Lifestyle Services concierge, so you can order Shakira to appear at your birthday party, and other fun, affordable things.

Needless to say, Vertu isn’t revealing how much it’ll cost (as they say, if you have to ask) but if it sounds like your cup of really expensive tea, perhaps you’d like these upper class gadgets as well?

Five gadgets for the ardent deficit denier

1. Motorola Aura
It takes two weeks to craft, doesn’t run any apps, and costs £1,100. Somebody’s probably bought Princess Kate one so you should definitely do likewise.

2. iVIP Black iPhone app
Just in case you do opt for a “cheap” smartphone that runs apps, be sure to install iVIP Black. It’s a concierge service that not only costs £600, it requires you to prove you have a net worth of more than a million. It’s been on sale on the App Store since 2009 – still no reviews yet though.

3. Gold PS3
Goldstriker’s only made three of these classy consoles – ever – but then at £199,995 each, it’s a buyer’s market.

4. Swarovski Fashion DJs Headphones
Made in conjunction with Philips, theses sequinned sound cans wouldn’t look out of place in a club night at Boujis.

5. BlackBerry Bold 9700, diamond edition
Look, only Tinie Tempah gets to have a gold BlackBerry. You can have a diamond studded one for £14,995 instead.

Out June 2011 | £Seriously, don’t ask | Vertu

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