Apple iOS device sales leaked in Samsung lawsuit, iPad sales fall short

On Wednesday Apple’s earning call will confirm iOS device sales, but today we have what looks to be a unofficial sneak preview. By way of yesterday’s lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung, the Cupertino-based company confirmed that as of March 2011, more than 108 million iPhones have been sold worldwide. The big news comes when we dive into iPad sales — did Apple come up big or fall short this quarter?

Here are the unofficial total iOS device sales according to the court documents: 108M iPhone, 60M iPod touch, and 19M iPads. In total, including the AppleTVs, you’re looking at close to 200 million iOS devices sold. Based on these numbers, prior to Q1, Apple had sold 89.9 million iPhones. Using the reported 108 million iPhones means it sold a minimum of 18.1 million this quarter.


iPod touch sales were reportedly 55.5 million, a difference of 4.5 million units. iPad sales before Q1 were 14.7 million, 4.2 million less than Apple’s total as of March 2011. With analysts expecting at least 7 million iPads sold this quarter it appears sales struggled in early 2011. There’s no telling if this was caused by supply issues or if the iPad 2 release had consumers holding off on their iPad purchase. We’ll find out for sure whether Apple was blowing smoke in the lawsuit with conservative estimates or if Wall Street is in for a shock.

via 9to5Mac

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