iPad price drop - Apple will refund the difference

If you recently bought an iPad, only to find that there’s now a shiny new iPad 2 and a whopping great £100 reduction on the price tag of the original iPad, do not be alarmed! Apple will refund you the difference, so you could still take advantage of that iPad price drop. There is a catch though. Read on…

We were assured by Apple’s sales team that Apple would just give you the £100 price difference, without any complicated returns and exchanges, so you can take advantage of the price drop on the original iPad. Good news! The catch is that you’ll need to be within the 14-day returns window, which doesn’t leave any wiggle room for those outside of that window. You’ll also need your receipt.

Despite the fact that there’s a pretty narrow window, it’s better than nothing, and means that at least some people haven’t been stiffed by the price drop. After all, the iPad event invite only arrived a week ago, leaving us out in the cold until then about the arrival of the iPad 2.

What do you think? Should people have held out on buying an iPad, or should Apple extend the notice period for taking advantage of the iPad price drop? Shout out in the comments!

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