Sandy Bridge MacBook Pro, Windows Phone 7, Galaxy Tab 10.1 - US Update

We’re hours away from Apple’s massive announcement where they’ll unveil the new Sandy Bridge MacBook Pros, but that’s only the start of today’s tech news. In the this morning’s US Update we deliver the scoop on Apple’s big day, take a look at the Windows Phone 7 bricking Samsung handsets, check out Samsung’s new SmartTV streaming service and more.

Think you know the scoop on the new MacBook Pros being announced later today? Think again. We break down the full specs of the new models in our Sandy Bridge MacBook Pro FAQ. The minor Windows Phone 7 update that was rolled out on Monday is causing a bit of trouble for some Samsung handsets. Depending on the bootloader version, you might be in for an unfortunate series of events.

The new Samsung D6000 and D7000 series Smart TVs are reportedly able to stream live TV to both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S 2 smartphone. We’ve got details on this impressive alternative to AirPlay. In other Samsung news, the company has been able to demonstrate the world’s first full color quantum dot display. This four-inch display is the future of TVs and mobiles and consumes less than a fifth of the power of LCDs.

Last up this morning we’ve got word that Sony has begun their anti-piracy raids. In cooperation with police, Sony raided the home of notorious hacker graf_chokolo this morning, seizing his console and accounts. The battle is officially on, mark that one point for Sony.

That wraps up the latest and greatest in this crazy world we call tech news. As always, I’m Nick Marshall and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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