iPad 2 - Apple invite confirms 2 March date

UPDATE: Invites to a UK Apple event have just hit our inboxes too, with exactly the same image as above. It looks like Apple will be simulcasting the iPad 2 announcement (if it in fact is an iPad 2 announcement). We’ll be there with bells on, so tune in at 6pm on 2 March, where we’ll (hopefully) be getting a look at the new iPad.

The iPad 2 is on its way, on the date that the rumour mill settled on. The invite is out of the bag, and Apple has invited folks along to an event next Wednesday, where it looks like it will be unveiling a new iPad. That’s not officially confirmed of course, but what else could that device be in the top right hand corner? Click through to take a closer look at the Apple invite, and see if you think that sneaky flash of a product shot is the iPad 2.

[via Engadget]

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