US Update - MacBook Pro, Kyocera Echo, E7

Starting off your week right, it’s that morning dose of tech — best known as the US Update. In today’s news we’ve got pricing for the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh, details on the Kyocera Echo, world’s first dual-screen smartphone, HP’s new TouchSmart PC lineup and more.

Leaked images from Best Buy’s inventory system have revealed the next MacBook Pro refresh is schedule for Friday, March 11. The pricing looks to be identical to the current generation, but the real question is whether we’ll see Sandy Bridge processors, flash-based storage or possibly even Retina displays.

Sprint and Kyocera held an event in New York City last night, introducing the Kyocera Echo. Dubbed “the world’s first dual-screen smartphone”, the phone runs Android 2.2 and features two 3.5 inch displays, separated by a hinge.

Next week’s Best Buy ad circular has revealed the Motorola Xoom, the first Android Honeycomb tablet, will be $799.99 and require at least one month data service — even if you only want WiFi functionality. With the iPad 2 approaching, this could be a tough sell for Motorola.

HP has updated its TouchSmart line up with the TouchSmart 610 and TouchSmart 9300. Both PCs are powered by Windows 7 Touch and feature 23-inch LED-backlit displays. You can even tilt the displays 60 degrees, providing the perfect touchscreen environment.

Last up this morning is news on the Nokia E7, the companies latest business flagship device. According to Nokia, the E7 is now shipping worldwide — bringing the months of delays to an end.

That wraps up the daily tech news from my side of the pond. As always I’m Nick Marshall and I’ll be back tomorrow dealing your morning dose of gadgetry. Until tomorrow, Nick.

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