Dell unveils 10-inch Windows 7 tablet and 38 other new products

At the Dell Means Business event in San Francisco this morning, the company unloaded 39 new products including a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet. Whether you’re in the market for a laptop, desktop, workstation, convertible tablet, or a laptop/tablet hybrid, Dell has you covered.

Dell’s new 10-inch Windows 7 tablet will also come an Android flavor, dubbed the “10-inch Android tablet”. Unlike the current line of tablets, the new 10-inch varieties will not bear the Streak banner. In typical Dell fashion, neither release date or pricing information was disclosed at the event.

Beyond the 10-inch tablets, the other highlight to today’s event was the Latitude XT3, a follow-up to the laptop-tablet hybrid XT2. Latitude E-series laptops also received a refresh as Dell unveiled the new E5300 series which starts at $859 and comes in 12, 13 and 14-inch models using Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

With a focus on enterprise users, the new E-series laptop have hard drive accelerometers and remote IT features, including remote data deletion. The Optiplex desktops received a refresh with three new models and a small new form factor all-in-one design. The new Optiplex desktops start at $650 and include the new Intel vPro processors and tool-free access to system components.

The remaining products consisted of refreshes to Dell’s existing product line. To help guide the company into 2011, Dell interviewed over 7,000 Gen-Y customers, IT manager and other business segment customers. For now the Latitude XT3 and the 10-inch Windows 7 tablet caught our eye.  Anyone else interested in a 10-inch Windows 7-based tablet?

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