PlayStation Suite - Android games store with PSP titles revealed

Sony has dropped a surprise on us. At an event in Japan, it outed not just the PlayStation Phone but the PlayStation Suite, an Android games store that’ll come stuffed with classic PSP games as well as new titles…

Sony says the new PlayStation Suite cross-platform store will begin by emulating first-generation PSP titles on a load of Android phones before new titles start to hit the service. The PlayStation Suite is due to drop later this year and looks ready to totally shake up the world of Android games.

Interestingly, the PlayStation Suite will not be troubled by hardware differences. If your phone doesn’t have a pop-out gamepad or QWERTY keyboard, the games will have touchscreen controls ready to take over.

Sony has also said that the PSP 2 (now referred to as NGP or Next Generation PlayStation) will have PlayStation Suite smarts in the mix.

More on this later but in the meantime, hit the comments and let us know what you make of the PlayStation Suite plans…

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