Angry Birds, real catapult incoming!

UPDATE: Now with added Angry Birds catapult video!

We’ve just spotted this at the Toy Fair 2011: a real, functioning Angry Birds catapult. It’s hitting the shelves between June and July and will set you back a tenner.

The Angry Birds catapult is made by Character Options, who also make the Angry Birds plush toys. It’s brand spanking new, and even they didn’t know much about it, as just this one catapult arrived in the post this morning. There was only one red bird ball with the Angry Birds catapult we saw, but a spokesperson for Character Options didn’t know whether there’d be any more with the Angry Birds shooter.

We think you could set up a real life game of Angry Birds with this addition to the line up. Add a couple of plush pigs, some carefully built Duplo, and you’ve got yourself a pretty accurate set up.

Fancy setting up a real life game of Angry Birds or is this one product extension too far? Shout out in the comments!

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