Angry Birds Valentine’s Day pink edition on 14 February confirmed, plus screenshots

A rumour surfaced at the end of last year that Angry Birds developer Rovio would be releasing a Valentine’s day update for the game. Now we’ve got confirmation, and a couple of screenshots of the next Angry Birds special edition too. Click through for more photos and the video where the pink Angry Birds is revealed!


In the depths of this clunky German/English learning TV package about mobile gaming (“it’s the adventure of simply drawn characters”, and listen out for the German underneath the dubbing: “smartphone ist top!”) there’s an official confirmation about the next iteration of Angry Birds.

Skip to 4mins 20secs,  and we’re told: “The designers at Rovio are currently working on new versions of their game, like this update in pink, due to come on the market on 14 February: Valentine’s day.”

From the look of the pink Angry Birds screenshots, it looks like it won’t just be the Angry Birds background that goes pink, the birds will be turned pink too, and the pigs will be building heart shaped defences. So romantic!

Is the pink edition of Angry Birds the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Would your other half love it or loathe it? Shout out in the comments!

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