iHome iW1, first Apple Airplay speaker system to make it to market

The iHome iW1 is a wireless speaker system that comes with AirPlay, and will be hitting Apple stores in just a couple of months, meaning this could be the first AirPlay enabled device to make it to market.

The iHome iW1 is an AirPlay wireless speaker system that connects to iTunes via Wi-Fi, and means you can control your iTunes remotely. You can lug it around the house too, as it’s got a rechargeable battery. Under the hood, as well as AirPlay, there’s two woofers with two high-efficiency tweeters, and the interface is a capacitive touch panel.

The down side is that it’s not particularly cheap, although it won’t break the bank if you’re itching for some AirPlay enabled speakers. The iW1 with AirPlay will set you back £299. It’s headed to the UK around March or April, and is going to be an exclusive with Apple. Adam Gould, the UK spokesperson for iHome, said that the iW1 would probably not make it to other retailers purely for stock reasons, because Apple would wipe them out.

Out March/April | £299 | Apple

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