Palmpad webOS tablet specs leaked
The Palmpad has been rumoured for sometime and finally concrete details seem to be leaking out of the HP/Palm Deathstar. The latest report suggests HP has a collection of webOS powered Palmpad tablets ready to unveil at CES 2011. Based on the latest leak it seems the Palmpad will arrive in three different webOS-powered configurations with a fourth arriving later in the year. So what do the Palmpad specs look like? Head through for all the details we know right now…
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From the leaked Palmpad specs, it appears that HP has taken its HP Slate and updated it with a new Palm-branded platform. It looks like we can expect webOS 2.5.1 on the devices with dual cameras and an LED flash. Other details are thin on the ground but it seems likely that the Palmpad will use the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. Details on screen and capacity are still unknown.
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