BBC 3D radio in testing

BBC 3D radio is not the contradiction it sounds like. 3D radio means radio that is designed to be piped through a series of speakers at various points around the room so you get a full surround sound effect from your radio. It’s an idea that’s currently in testing at the BBC.

A demo showed off BBC 3D radio with eight speakers, playing audio from Duxford Air Show (perhaps could have chosen something a tad more thrilling?), radio drama and choral recitals. It’s not hitting your radio anytime soon though: A BBC spokesman said “BBC Research and Development are committed to investigating 3D sound’s potential but these investigations are still firmly rooted in the realms of research. The BBC won’t be launching a service in the foreseeable future”.


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Right now, the BBC is investigating 3D sound systems, known ambisonics and periphony, which give the listener a total immersion in a surround sound environment. We’re only just seeing the BBC rollout HD online broadcasts, starting with BBC Radio 3, so 3D broadcasts are a long way off.

What do you think about the potential for BBC 3D radio?

[via Telegraph]

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