US Update - Motorola Tablet, Google Notebook, Kindle, Android 2.3

We’ve got you covered this morning with the latest and greatest from this side of the globe. In today’s US Update we walk you through the details of the Motorola Tablet, introduce you to the Google Chrome OS Notebook, highlight the Amazon Kindle for Web and more.

Stepping into the tablet spotlight this morning was the Motorola tablet, running Android 3.0 Honeycomb and packing a Tegra 2 processor. We saw the device on video from the All Things D conference currently underway. There’s plenty to learn about the device and Android 3.0 so we recommend checking out our full coverage here.

Google has begun a pilot program which gives early adopters their very own Chrome OS notebook, free. Apply for the program now! Amazon has decided to battle back against Google eBooks by offering their own cloud-based service of their own — Kindle for Web, You can now purchase and read full books from Kindle using any web browser.

Virgin Media is looking to raise the broadband bar by offering a new 100Mb service. The service include a 10Mb upload and is currently available for pre-registration in parts of London, the South East and Yorkshire. A new iPhone app, DJ Music Mixer, is now available for free from the App Store. We took it for a spin and now we’re installing it on our iPad, we’d add to this to the must-download list.

Last in this morning is news on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Revealed in the SDK are two major revelations – video chat and game controls. We saw confirmation of video chat for GoogleTalk during the All Things D conference when the Motorola tablet was on display, but game controls was a bit of a mystery. We now know both will be front and center in Android 2.3.

That wraps up things this fine morning from the states. Thanks for spending your morning with us as we break the headlines fresh off the press from our side of the world. Until tomorrow, this is Nick saying over and out.

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