DoubleTwist Android wireless sync beats iTunes to the punch

DoubleTwist, the Android media player that looks more like iTunes than iTunes, has beaten Apple to the punch with wireless syncing. The DoubleTwist AirSync function is pretty simple to set up and should push Steve Jobs to move faster and harder with any iTunes Cloud plans he might just be cooking up…

The DoubleTwist wireless sync function is very easy to set up. You just slap the DoubleTwist client on to you computer than fire up the new Android app. Hit the AirSync button and the desktop app with detect the phone and ask for a passcode. Then you can set DoubleTwist wireless sync up to fling photos, music and videos from your phone to computer and vice versa.


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The actual DoubleTwist wireless sync process takes a while but once it’s done the process is automatic. The one big change is that DoubleTwist on Android will now cost. It’s $0.99 for the first 10,000 users and then will hop up to $4.99 for the rest of us. Seems reasonable to us though.

Like the sound of DoubleTwist wireless synching smarts? Let us know in the comments.

Out now | From $0.99 | DoubleTwist

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