shattered iPhone 4

Remember iPhone 4 Glassgate? Seems like it’s rolling on. A new report from Cult of Mac claims Apple has not restarted sale of slide-style cases in its stores or on the web. The issue which means dust, dirt and other particles that get between the case and the phone can cause cracks in the rear-glass of the iPhone 4 has not been officially discussed by Apple…

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An anonymous source whispers that “Glassgate is a real problem” and there are suggestions that the new iPhone 4 version of the Mophie Juice Pack (which packs an extended life battery into a slider case) is been killed at birth by the temporary ban. Reports suggest Mophie has manufactured thousands of iPhone 4 cases but may not get them approved for sale in Apple Stores in time for Christmas. Bad news for Mophie!

Let us know: have you got a slide-on case for your iPhone 4? Have you had any issues?

Out now | £varies | Apple (via Cult of Mac)

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