Advent Vega budget tablet video primer

We were surprised by the Advent Vega budget Android tablet we saw at the beginning of the week, which only costs £250. It runs Froyo, has a good 10.1″ screen, and is quick and responsive. We asked Adam Lockyer, the category manager to talk us through the Advent Vega. Click through for the video…

The Advent Vega has impressive battery life, but it does lack 3G, which means it does not have the Android app marketplace. However, it will be getting an Advent marketplace which, quite surprisingly, has 5,000 apps available. The other option though, is to wait until next year when a 3G model will be coming out.

What do you think about the Advent Vega? Want one, or will you wait till a 3G model turns up with the Android marketplace next year?

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