Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is the second attempt by Microsoft to make an impact in the mobile world, after a prolonged and ultimately unpleasant first try. Windows Phone 7 could be barmy Ballmer’s legacy, and Microsoft has gone all guns blazing with its new operating system. Microsoft has pulled in the big phone manufacturers, and phones on the platform will be available across all five of the largest UK networks. The live tiles on the Windows Phone 7 home screen are its differentiating factor, and promise a different option for consumers. The question is: will Windows Phone 7 deliver? Continuously updated.


Windows Phone 7: Microsoft nabs UK network grand slam
Windows Phone 7: available from 21 October, ten days after launch
Stephen Fry gets behind Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7: first update announced
Windows Phone 7: nine phones at launch
HTC Windows Phone 7 launch: 5 phones, 4 for UK


HTC HD7 unboxed: photos!
See HTC’s biggest and baddest Windows Phone 7 blower up close on our photo gallery.

LG Windows Phone 7 UK hands on photos
Take a look at what we made of the first LG Windows Phone 7 device when we got our hands on the prototype back in May.

Opinion & Polls

Windows Phone 7 review
Everything you want to know about Windows Phone 7 – all the nitty gritty, and no question left unanswered.

Windows Phone 7 review: Internet Explorer and Bing
How does Microsoft’s web and search offering in Windows Phone 7 hold up?

Windows Phone 7 review: People hub and messaging
See if Microsoft’s overhauled contacts system is a revolution – or not.

Windows Phone 7 vs Kinect: Ballmer was right
Steve Ballmer said he was more excited about the Kinect than Windows Phone 7. We asked you which was going to be more of a breakthrough product for Microsoft.

Windows Phone 7’s UI spells doom for its app store
The UI on Windows Phone 7 is built from live tiles, but the nature of the design means the OS may not be best designed for users to have lots of apps downloaded…


Android Froyo browser battles Windows Phone 7 in new video

Windows Phone 7 Series: hands on video
Windows Phone 7: first UK ad airs

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