Cambridge Audio Minx - super-versatile micro speaker system

Cambridge Audio has unveiled its latest micro speaker system, the Minx. It’s super-versatile, and can be built in just the way you want it.

The system has two satellite speaker sizes, and three sub sizes. At the most micro end of the system, there’s the Min10, the smallest satellite speaker, which fits in the palm of your hand, and is a 3” cube. The Min20 is double the height.


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There’s three sub models, in 200W, 300W or 500W, and go up in size accordingly, with the smallest sub, the 200W X200, fitting in just an 8” cube. The systems comes in black or white.

Cambridge Audio are most excited about the tech behind it though. The Minx comes with BMR – Balanced Mode Radiator – which means the system has a much wider frequency response, and better sound dispersion (as the sound loses less as it travels),  than similarly sized speaker systems.

Out November 2010 | from £350 | Richer Sounds

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