Acer dual touchscreen laptop leaked

An Acer dual touchscreen laptop has leaked and looks ready to give the Toshiba Libretto W100 a run for its money as the most barmy touchscreen touter in town. The unnamed Acer dual touchscreen laptop is still very much in its prototype stages but details about its twin touchscreen set-up have still hit the web. Read on to ponder this peculiar beast…

Like the Toshiba Libretto W100, the Acer dual touchscreen laptop uses two touchscreens which can display a virtual keyboard and trackpad, be flipped round to use as an ebook reader or customised with more imaginative finger-friendly interfaces. Acer also seems to have built a custom app for getting gesture happy on the prototype device.


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The Acer dual touchscreen laptop is reportedly “slow and buggy” right now and Acer is apparently still pondering whether it will ever hit the shelves. If it does make it out of the labs, it reportedly won’t be until Autumn 2011. The big issue right now is battery life. It’s currently packing a 2.67Ghz Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 7, hardly the best combination for long battery running times.

We’re pretty likely to have seen the iPad 2 by the time this Acer dual touchscreen laptop becomes a reality and there’ll be battalions of Android tablets to tussle with too. Is there a place for it? Let us know what you make of twin-touchscreen experiments like this? Could you ever see yourself using one?

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