Apple set to allow Google Voice iPhone apps

Apple has been keeping Google Voice out of the iTunes App Store (though it denies that it’s explicitly banned it) and canned third-party apps using Google Voice tech. But that looks like it could be coming to an end. After the new Apple developer guidelines were outed yesterday, a developer behind a Google Voice-packing app got news from Apple that his creation could be on its way back onto the App Store’s virtual shelves. Is Apple about to give Google Voice apps the go ahead?

Sean Kovacs, who created a Google Voice app called GV Mobile, read the new Apple developer rules and couldn’t find any reason for his app being blocked from the store. While he’d previously received no reply from Apple about getting his app reinstated, an email yesterday said he’s welcome to resubmit his app and hinted that it’s likely to be approved.


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It may be a false dwan but having previously stonewalled developers of Google Voice apps, the sudden communication from Apple looks like a good sign. There’s still the issue of point 8.3 in the Apple developer guidelines which states “apps which appear confusingly similar to an existing Apple product or advertising theme will be rejected”. That could easily trip up Google Voice apps.

We’re still waiting for a UK Google Voice service. Across the pond iPhone users can already get an Google Voice web app while Android and Blackberry owners get the full fat version.

What do you think? Will Apple relent and let Google Voice into the iTunes App Store? Or is its newly softened stance on iPhone app development tools as lenient as it gets?

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