Chrome to phone - instant push to your Android device

Chrome to phone is an Android app add-on, which pushes a URL directly from your browser to your device. It works through an app, and is gobsmackingly fast. Its integration with existing Google services is seamless too…

So, for example, Google the phone number of a restaurant. highlight the restaurant, and click the add on Chrome to phone icon in your browser, and it’ll push that phone number to your device, ready for one click to place the call.


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Use it with Google Maps and it will push the entire map, with any routes or locations mapped too. If you push a YouTube site, the video will start up within seconds of you pushing the site from Chrome to your device.

The app syncs from your Chrome browser to your Android device through your Google Account log in.

Today, Chrome to phone only works on Android, and requires Android Froyo 2.2 – it won’t run on Android Eclair 2.1. When asked about whether the app would be coming to other platforms, Google said: “We would like to bring it to other platforms we just need to work out the best way to do it.”

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