Alan Sugar says he was “way ahead” of the Apple iPlayer [sic]

It’s good to know that people at the top still know what they’re talking about. Which is why we really enjoyed Sir Alan Sugar’s musings on his Facebook page about the relative merits of the now defunct Amstrad Penpad. It was way ahead of its time, way ahead of those Apple iPlayers, he said, and there was even a version in the pipeline which had a built in pager before it got canned…

Sir Alan Sugar, in a mini Facebook interview about the Penpad, said: “The Amstrad Penpad was the PDA I launched in 1993… I dumped it… Talk about too soon for its day is putting it mildly… A few years later the American company Palm came out with one and then went on to sell multi millions worldwide and of course now you have the Apple iPhone or IPlayers.”


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Yep, those Apple iPlayers are selling really well. Icing on the cake of that technological mess of a statement (dear press people, where were you?!), is the following, where Sugar said: “Moral of the story is you never stop learning.” Glad to see you never stopped learning Sir Alan, about new products and things like that.

Let’s not forget that we can read more of these missives (presumably subbed into boring factually correct prose) in Sir Alan Sugar’s book, which he reliably informs us before signing of from the Facepages and heading back to his Tooter followers.

[via Sir Alan Sugar’s Official Facebook Page]

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