New Tweetdeck Android beta released

Tweetdeck has released a second public beta of its Android app, adding some much needed features. The company also claimed that the Android version is proving surprisingly popular.

Tweetdeck is one of the most popular desktop Twitter apps, and any mobile version is bound to stir up some interest. Nevertheless, Tweetdeck seem a bit surprised at just how eager Android owners have been to get their hands on a copy of the Tweetdeck for Android public beta.


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Over 2,00 users have grabbed the beta from the Android Market and, say Tweetdeck, a lot of them are actually using it, “Even though we haven’t officially released the app yet,” said a post to the Tweetdeck blog “TweetDeck Android is generating more tweets and status updates than our 3 month old iPad app.”Now the less charitable may be inclined to attribute that particular factoid to the.. umm.. unique qualities of the iPad version rather than anything particularly great about Tweetdeck for Android. Still, its non-too-shabby.

A second beta was release yesterday, adding support for URL shortening, individual notifications for each column (you can even set different colours for your LED to flash when you get different alerts – e.g. pink for @ mentions, green for DMs) and a sharing ‘intent’ that makes it easy to share web pages, images and other content via Tweetdeck from the standard Share’ menu.

Available Now | Free | Tweetdeck Beta (via Tweetdeck Blog)

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