IKEA kitchen of the future, 3D food printer, multitouch taps and more

Behold: this is IKEA‘s vision of the kitchen come the year 2040, fleshed out with all sorts of gizmos to automate your culinary routines. But will the 3D food printers come flatpacked?

This mock up is what IKEA sees the kitchen of 30 years’ time looking like, and we like what we see. While some of the kit is possible now (Cabinets on rails, smart energy monitoring, remote controlled ovens and multitouch taps you can rap with your knuckles to activate), there’s plenty which isn’t ready to go just yet, and has us giddy with excitement.

In IKEA’s vision, drawn up as part of a new report commissioned by the company, the kitchen counters are self cleaning, and the fridge and oven sport 3D holographic displays. Even more out there is the 3D food printer (Number 2, in the top left), and the genetically engineered (Not modified) food in the bowl to the right (11). IKEA also says technology “like the sixth-generation iPad” will slot into appliance panels and cupboard doors – though we hope Apple might have cranked out a few more versions of its slate by then.

Of course, unless IKEA makes a big move into consumer electronics, we’re not actually sure which of these gadgets the Swedish home furnishing giant will actually sell. We’re pretty sure that DIY 3D food printers you can piece together from wordless instructions won’t be possible for a bit longer than three decades.

What do you think of IKEA’s kitchen of the future? Do you like what you see? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Out 2040 | £TBC | IKEA

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