Nokia N8 release date pushed back to October

UPDATE: If you’re keen for a slice of Nokia N8 pie you can now pre-order the Nokia N8 on Vodafone. Want to swot up on all there is to know about the N8 in preparation?  Then check out our Hardcore Guide, where you can pick up all you need to know about getting the most from the N8, including all its camera secrets.

The Nokia N8 release date seems like a moving target. Last week we reported that the Nokia N8 release date and pricing had popped up on British retailers’ sites with an August ETA. Now Play has shifted the goal posts, pushing back its Nokia N8 release date prediction. Will we have to wait longer for the Symbian ^3 smartie?

It feels like we’ve been talking about the Nokia N8, with its 12MP camera, HD video skills and 3.5in AMOLED touchscreen, for decades. Last week’s indication that we might get our hands on it later this month was great but it seems those listings may have been a little premature.


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Eagle-eyed Electricpig reader Philip has been watching the Nokia N8 pre-release pages closely and spotted that Play shifted the Nokia N8 release date from August 2010 to October 8 over the weekend. Other retailers are still predicting an August arrival but the specificity of Play’s prediction makes us wonder.

Nokia World hits London on the 14 and 15 September so sticking the Nokia N8 release date in early October does make sense. The Finn’s could unveil the finished Nokia N8 at the conference and give themselves two weeks to get it shipping.

If you’re not sure why the Nokia N8 is so eagerly-awaited, try our Nokia N8 photos and Nokia N8 video for a closer look. Are you excited to get your hands on a new Nokia? Or have other phones distracted you during the long wait for Symbian ^3 to drop?

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