HTC Desire HD pops up on Amazon

UPDATE: And the HTC Desire HD listing has been pulled from Amazon. Pretty damning evidence, if you ask us.

Whoa. The HTC Desire HD isn’t official yet – we’re not even certain that it’s going to be announced at next month’s mystery press event – but er, something called the HTC Desire HD is sitting on Amazon’s UK site already.

A reader has tipped us in the direction of Amazon’s UK site, where a mysterious product called HTC 99HLZ001-00 ACE/Desire HD is listed as out of stock, and priced at £415. The HTC Desire HD reportedly has the codename of HTC Ace, so it looks like this could indeed be an early sign of the HTC Desire HD, believed to be an Android 2.2 phone for Europe with an epic 4.3-inch screen.

If you’ll recall, the HTC Desire HD was previously spotted on the SuperEtrader site, but this Amazon listing actually predates it (7 July), suggesting this isn’t a fan made fraud. We’ll hopefully find out for sure soon. Bring on the beast phone!

[Thanks, DocM!]

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