New Sony Reader super thin models incoming

Two new Sony Reader models with super thin shells are just around the corner, according to a new report. That ought to put the frighteners on Amazon and its revamped Kindle – read on for the details right here.

It’s been a while year now with no new Sony Reader eInk models, so it’d make sense if we heard of a refresh coming sometime soon. Now SonyInsider (Which has a strong track record of scooping upcoming Sony gizmos) says that’s the case, and two new touchscreen Sony Reader models are soon to be unveiled.

The two Sony Reader models, the PRS-350 and PRS-650, are reported to be extremely thin (under 10mm, perhaps) with better screen contrast, and faster page turns, a notorious problem with eInk displays.

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As you might have guessed, the PRS-650 is believed to be the larger of the two Sony Reader models, with a six rather than five inch screen, and will also get 2GB of storage onboard, as well as Wi-Fi, and possibly 3G. The Sony Reader PRS-350 will reportedly require books to be sideloaded still however.

The report doesn’t say just when we’ll be seeing these new Sony Reader models, but if they’re both touchscreens, we certainly hope Sony has managed to eliminate the reflective glass that marred the Sony Reader Touch for us. Stay tuned, we’ll have more when we hear it.

Out TBC | £TBC | Sony (Via SonyInsider)

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