Samsung Galaxy tablet set for IFA debut next month

The Samsung Galaxy tablet that’s been comprehensively teased over the past few months will finally break cover in September at the IFA conference in Berlin. Samsung sources say the Android tablet is set to be the centrepiece of a selection of new kit making its debut at the German tech celebration.

Detailed Samsung Galaxy tablet specs still haven’t emerged but we’re told it’ll pack a 7in AMOLED touchscreen, an A8 processor and 16GB of onboard storage. With the Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update due in September, we’d expect the Samsung Galaxy tablet to also come with Android 2.2.


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The name for the Samsung Galaxy tablet is still up-in-the-air. It was initially whispered about as the S-Pad but recent rumours suggest it’ll be the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Samsung Galaxy Tape.

Samsung sources says the Samsung Galaxy Tablet will be on show besides a new Samsung smart TV and interchangeable lens camera models.

We were promised a September arrival for the Samsung Galaxy tablet last month, so it makes sense that we’ll see it on show at IFA. We’ll have all the news from the show and will snatch some time with Samsung’s tablet.

Let us know: does the Samsung Galaxy tablet sound like the Android slate of your dreams? Or is the iPad still the one for you?

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