Motorola Android 3.0 tablet set to take on the iPad

A Motorola Android 3.0 tablet is set to hit shops early next year according to a new leak, and from the specs so far, it looks set to take on the iPad head on. Want to know more? Keep reading and we’ll fill you in on the details.


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Mobile blog Boy Genius Report’s outed details on a huge line u of high end gizmos expected to go on sale with US mobile network Verizon over the next year and a half, and it makes for some interesting reading. While Samsung’s 7-inch Android tablet rears its head again, and a new 1.3GHz Motorola Droid Pro handset is on the way, it’s word of a Motorola Android 3.0 tablet that’s really piqued our interest.

The supposed Motorola Android 3.0 tablet will allegedly boast a 10-inch screen (Just a shave bigger than the 9.7-inch IPS LCD panel on the iPad) and a nippy 1 or 1.3GHz CPU, as well as a front facing camera for those lovely sofa based video chats.

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This unnamed Motorola Android 3.0 tablet was supposed to go on sale in December this year, but has been pushed back to February 2011 while Google wraps up Gingerbread (Android 3.0).

Little else is known about the Motorola Android 3.0 tablet right now, and the report makes no indication as to whether it will include support for the 4G LTE network Verizon is working on right now (And in theory will work over here in the UK too). But if Eldar Murtazin’s claims that Gingerbread will offer support for 1280×760 resolution are true, it’s got the potential to make a Motorola Android 3.0 tablet every bit as powerful and pixel packed as the iPad.

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