Puma Phone unboxed, Weirdness inside

Ah Puma Phone. We knew the star of this year’s Mobile World Congress was silly, but we’d forgotten quite just how dappy until we got our hands on the finished version today. See it coming out of its quirky egg carton right here in our Puma Phone unboxing gallery, and check out all the nutty additions we’ve found so far.

Puma Phone hands on photo fest!

From the moment we clapped eyes on the Puma Phone’s oddbox packaging, we knew things were going to be a bit bizarre. So, while trying to keep a straight face, here’s the oddest things we’ve found about it so far:

  • Um. The Puma Phone comes in a biodegradable toolbox.
  • The outer label advises you not to use the Puma Phone in a “naked mixed sauna or during open heart surgery.” Fair enough!
  • The label also claims that the Puma Phone contains a “live puma that should bot be touched, teased, or even looked at, by children under 10 years of age”
  • When the Puma Phone boots up, it advises you that it is “Gathering Friends” and “Configuring Lifestyle”
  • Instead of a signal bar, the Puma Phone tells you the reception status in one succinct word: we’re guessing “Happy” is the equivalent of full bars.
  • The Puma Phone roars at you when you get a text message.
  • The Puma Phone says “I’m gonna go online” when you’re about to use data and could be charged.
  • The calculator on the Puma Phone insults you if the sum you type in is too easy. 3+3 triggers “Too easy” or “I’m sure it’s” and various other jibes.

The screen is still disappointingly unresponsive, but we’ll be testing the phone’s other skills (Like the fitness apps) on a few runs and bringing you the results in a full Puma Phone review coming later this week. In the meantime, check out the Puma Phone unboxing photos right here.

Out August | €399 | Puma

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