iPad sequels and iOS Apple TV due early 2011

The summer is throwing up a bountiful crop of Apple rumours. While most are focused on the new iPod touch, we’re also getting plenty of iPad and Apple TV tidbits to chew on. Today’s batch? Talk of two new iPad models arriving in early 2011 and the now near-mythical iOS Apple TV coming along with them…

According to Mingchi Kuo, senior analyst at perpetual rumour-wranglers Digitimes, Apple has two iPad models on the cards for Q1 2011.


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The first iPad will apparently be a perked up version of the current 9.7in iPad with a new ARM A9 processor and 512MB RAM. The second iPad is rumoured to be a 7in model with a 1024×768 resolution screen. Hardly a difficult one to predict.

The second, smaller iPad model chimes with the iPad mini rumours we heard last week that also talked up a 7in screen size and iPhone 4-style screen.

The Apple TV talk also follows on from similar rumours we heard earlier this year. Digitimes says it’ll be a hard drive, AMD Fusion processor powered device with iOS on board. That would bring the App Store to Apple TV. The new device is reportedly set to go into production in December.

Digitimes has a mixed history when it comes to Apple rumours. The talk of the an iPad mini is starting to sound convincing and we have heard lots of whispers about an iOS-powered Apple TV but these rumours are little more than any avid Apple fan could dream up.

Hit the comments with your predictions on Apple’s next move. Is it going to promote Apple TV from a hobby to a serious iOS-powered priority? And what do you want from the next generation of iPad? Are you itching for an iPad mini?

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