iPad mini rumours hot up - will Apple shrink the tablet

It’s the height of Apple rumour season and the latest unconfirmed object of desire is the iPad mini. In a batch of new tantalising tittle-tattle, talk of a smaller 7in iPad is the most intriguing prospect but there’s also renewed talk of a touchscreen iPod shuffle and, improbably, the early arrival of the iPhone 5…

iLounge which has a pretty good history when it comes to Apple predictions says a 7in iPad mini is on the cards and set to arrive later this year or early in 2011. It claims Apple has been building prototypes packing the smaller screen for ages, a claim backed up by the evidence in our Apple tablet history feature from before the iPad’s arrival.


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Other rumours around the iPad mini suggest it’ll come packing similar Retina Display technology to the iPhone 4 and will introduce the front-facing iPad camera we’ve been gagging for in the current iPad.

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Meanwhile talk of a touchscreen iPod shuffle has sparked back into life. The new device would allegedly come packing a 1.7in screen. A mysterious Apple screen was leaked online last month and definitely seems to fit the bill.

Finally, there’s some wild speculation that the iPhone 5 could drop in January as a result of the iPhone 4 antenna issues. We’re filing all the new Apple rumours in the folder marked “Wishful Thinking” but this one should probably be thrown out entirely.

Hit the comments and let us know what you make of the latest batch of Apple rumours. Are any of them on the money? Or should we take them with considerably more than an pinch of salt?

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