Techie Breakie - HTC Desire Froyo update, Windows Phone 7 launch deets and ITV to charge

Morning! We know it’s been tough, having to tear yourself away from the screen and all the latest gadget stories to grab some kip overnight, but it’s a necessary evil. And no fear – as always, we’re back with a roundup of everything you might have missed to start the day, here in techie breakie!

The big news this morning is in smartphones, and there’s a little something for everybody. On the Android front, we got dates for when the Froyo update is expected to hit HTC Desire handsets on UK networks, and took a look at the features it’s already brought to unlocked owners in our feature.

Over on the Windows Phone 7 side of things meanwhile, we got word of a launch date in Europe, and if true, we might just get to try out the new platform before the US does. On the iPhone 4 front, jailbreakers are readying to combat Apple’s next patch, presumably in the pipeline.

Back in the world of HDTV, broadcaster ITV is set to shake things up by charging for some of its channels, at least according to one rumour.

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