Android beats Apple, but iPhone 4 impact not measured

Android is slurping up users left right and centre, whilst iPhone users hit a bit of a plateau. Some Nielson number crunching showed that in the last six months Android has taken a bigger share of new smartphone users than Apple.

The survey showed that new Android users in the last six months took a 27 per cent share, while iPhone users took 23 per cent – a close thing but a big deal for Google. Blackberry still towers above both Android and iPhone users, with a massive 35 per cent share of the American smartphone market.


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Android’s share has been shooting up though, with it’s total smartphone market penetration rocketing from just four per cent in the last quarter of 2009, up to 13 per cent at the end of quarter two this year.

Android is storming ahead, with its user base growing at an exponential rate, but TechCrunch has also noted that its doesn’t contain a large portion of crucial iPhone users – iPhone 4 sign ups.

TechCrunch noted that new Android subscribers passed iPhone subscribers in the second quarter, which ended on June 30.  The new iPhone 4 was announced on June 7, but not available until June 24th. So there’s a large portion of that iPhone 4 uptake not measured here, although the initial frenzy is.

So while it might have Apple on the back foot, Android hasn’t won the war yet, as total iPhone users are still more than double the total number of Android users, at 28 percent versus 13 percent.

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