iPad overheating lawsuit - 4 reasons Apple will win

An iPad overheating lawsuit is generating lots of heated comment online (we really couldn’t resist). But action by three aggrieved American iPad owners is destined to fail or be thrown out of court. Why are we so sure that Apple will win in this legal battle of wits? Here’s four reasons why the iPad overheating case is little more than hot air…

1) Apple doesn’t claim what the complaint says it does
The iPad overheating lawsuit rests on this argument (though you can read the whole thing here if you like): “…according to the www.apple.com website, ‘reading on iPad is just like reading a book.’ However, contrary to this promise using iPad is not ‘just like reading a book’ at all since books do not close when the reader is enjoying them in sunlight or in other normal environmental environments.” Except, what Apple actually says is: “Reading on iPad is just like reading a book. You hold your iPad like a book. You flip the pages like a book. And you do it all with your hands, just like a book.”


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2) Apple makes iPad’s temperature limits pretty clear
Apple states that the iPad will turn itself off if its temperature rises above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). It states the limits in the iPad documentation and your tablet isn’t totalled if it gets too hot, it’ll simply switch off until the thermometer inside determines that it’s cool enough to start up again.

3) Other devices are just as sensitive to the sun
The Amazon Kindle (and the iPhone 4 for that matter) both have exactly the same upper temperature limit as the iPad. If the iPad is in for trouble then theoretically so should the Kindle.

4) The number of complaints is minuscule
iPad sales stand at a good way over 3 million. Three people have filed the iPad overheating lawsuit. While others have complained about the issue they haven’t yet stormed the courtrooms with legal papers in hand. If British schoolrooms were as empty as this class action lawsuit, teachers would be sighing with relief.

If you’ve been using your iPad out in the unusually summery British weather, have you found yourself bothered by constant switch-offs? Or do you agree that the iPad overheating lawsuit should be filed under “Spurious”?

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