Apple iOS 4.1 beta - adds signal bar changes, kills iPhone 4 jailbreak dreams

Apple has punted the iOS 4.1 beta out to developers and it includes those tweaks to the signal bars that it promised in the wake of the iPhone 4 signal problems brouhaha. But early users are reporting that the iPhone 4 “Death Grip” is still a problem (as we predicted) and there could be bad news if you’re planning to use an iPhone 4 jailbreak. Read on for the latest…

There are still suggestions that Apple will release a minor iOS 4.01 update including the changes to the signal indicator but the iOS 4.1 beta is a bigger deal. Sources close to Apple are suggesting it’ll even include some major new features which aren’t evident in the current beta.

One rumour claims that iOS 4.1 introduces a new encryption method which will check if your iPhone or iPod Touch has been jailbroken. The suggestion is that a digital watermark will be added when iOS 4.1 is jailbroken and that it will remain even if you restore the device to factory settings.

Though Apple has previously added anti-jailbreak measures to iOS, the rumours have been discounted by coders. MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team says: “The ‘watermark’ rumours are untrue (So were the AT&T OTA JB detector rumours a few weeks back for those keeping tabs). That should means its iPhone 4 jailbreak plans are still on track.

Changes and features added by Apple to the iOS 4.1 beta that have been confirmed so far include an update to Game Center (which is yet to launch), tweaks to the Phone app and changes to spell check.

The iOS 4.1 beta is only available to developers right now though we’re sure enterprising non-devs will still get their hands on it. It’s likely we’ll see a full release in the next few weeks with the possibility of an iOS 4.01 update simply to adjust the signal indicator before that.

Let us know: what do you make of Apple changing the signal display? And do you think it will really take drastic steps to prevent the iPhone 4 jailbreak in iOS 4.1?

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