iPhone 4 - Skype blocks Fring video calling

Those iPhone 4 3G video calls Fring added to its app last week haven’t gone down well with everyone. According to Fring, Skype has now blocked the app from making video calls and, in fact, any calls to Skype users at all. After four years playing together nicely a big scrap is brewing between the two…

Fring had previously blogged that it was having to reduce support for Skype video calls after a surge of iPhone 4 users trying out its new 3G video calling function. Based on our experience they’re not exactly high quality so it’s unlikely it would have had to handle such a heavy traffic for long.

It seems Skype has had enough of Fring full stop. In a carefully worded press release Fring says Skype has blocked it and “refused to restore connectivity”. But on its blog it’s come out with fists flying saying Skype is “afraid of open mobile communication” and calling the firm “cowards”.

Fring has featured Skype functionality since it launched back in 2006 but that looks like it could be over for good. Especially as Fring is attacking Skype so publicly. Skype has yet to explain its reasons for blocking Fring but we’ll let you know as soon as it does. Something tells us that iPhone 4 3G video calls from the Skype app might not be too far off.

iPhone 4 owners have still got free FaceTime calls on Wi-Fi but loses the option of chatting to Skype contacts via Fring could be seriously frustrating for some. Have you tried the iPhone 4 3G video calling in Fring? Does it bother you that it no longer has Skype skills?

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