Back To The Future hoax says you’re living in the future… How does it feel

Attention sci-fi fans! Today is July 6th 2010. The exact day Marty McFly zipped forward in time to in the film Back To The Future 2, at least if you believe internet hoaxes.

Kicked off by movie magazine Total Film, there’s a rumour doing the rounds (along with several Photoshopped screengrabs from the film) that today is the day envisioned in Robert Zemeckis sci-fi classic. You might not have a hoverboard, an auto-drying jacket or fancy robo-lacing Nike trainers, but you’re definitely living in the future, hoax or not. How does it feel?

We’ve knocked together a poll, and flung open the comments section below. Has the future lived up to the vision we were promised by Marty McFly in Back To The Future? Or have iPhone 4 signal woes, iPad shortages, Android upgrades and 3D TV headaches got you wishing for a simpler time? Shout up now! (Thanks for the tip Paul!)

Modern life is… (Poll Closed)


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